Jesse de Pagter

Role: PhD student

DC Topic: Skepticism to Overconfidence – Trust in Autonomous Robot Decision Making and Operation in Human-Robot Collaboration

Research Interests:

  • Social Studies of Technology
  • Human Machine Symbiosis
  • Robot Transparency 

Short Bio
I have studied History and Philosophy (B.A., Rotterdam) as well as in Science and Technology Studies (M.A., Vienna). Coming from this background I am focused on the study of technologies in their social and political context. In this TrustRobots PhD-project, I am analysing the ways in which overconfidence as well as distrust in robots play a role concerning the governance of robots, the (professional) collaboration with robots and the interaction with robots.  

Contact info
Office Phone: +43 (1) 58801 – 330 31
Social media: @JessedePagter, LinkedIn, Academia, Researchgate