Robophilosophy 2020

This year, Robophilosophy will be held in a digital format. Several people of the TrustRobots DC are involved and you are welcome to tune in! It is still possible to register (registration fee 10 euros).

Some of the PhD students of the TrustRobots DC co-organized the workshop Trust in Robots and AI (TrustRobots students Jesse de Pagter, Guglielmo Papagni and Isabel Schwaninger). Their co-organizers are Laura Crompton and Michael Funk from the University of Vienna.

Oliver Schürer organized the workshop Think & Perform Tank, in collaboration with Darja Stoeva and Helena Frijns. This workshop will involve dance performances with a dancer and a robot, programmed by Darja Stoeva and Helena Frijns. See also the H.A.U.S. website.

Glenda Hannibal is the co-author of an accepted paper titled “Human-Robot Co-Working and Implications for Workplace Identity Performance“. Last but not least, Helena Frijns will give a presentation at the workshop “Social Models for Social Robotics” with an accepted abstract titled “Context-Awareness for Social Robots”.