Responsible Robotics

Responsible Robotics is a pilot project that explores how to put the framework of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) to practice in the doctoral college “Trust Robots” at the Technical University of Vienna (09/2018-08/2021). It organises a workshop series for PhD students and develops a card-based method for reflecting and considering societal issues and concerns in robotics research and development in collaboration with PhD students.

Activities during the workshops included several group discussions with the method „Imagine RRI“, literature-based reflection, individual RRI-Coaching, discussion of research ethics and potentials of interdisciplinary collaboration, a “mind scripting” workshop and introduction to science communication/public engagement.

People involved in the pilot project: Lisa Sigl (project leader), Marjo Rauhala, Nicole Föger, Doris Allhutter, Sarah Davies and Sarah Funk & Alina Natmessnig (ScienceCenter Netzwerk)

Illustration by Eva Rudofsky.